The Importance of Local SEO – Digital Marketing Strategies

  Red Link Marketing is not just an SEO company, it is also a reputation marketing company…which comes with the added benefits of giving you SEO help. But why do companies even need SEO? Well, we found a great article by that explains why you would want Local SEO done for your business. Introduction […]

What Exactly is Reputation Management

Most businesses have absolutely no idea what Reputation Management is or means. I don’t blame them. Until the internet came around, to most people it didn’t matter. You could perform a service, and if someone didn’t like it, they would tell a few people. If you were in a small town, the word may have […]

What Marketing Works for Local Business

One of the most important steps to running a business is marketing. We all know that if you build it they will come no longer works. It worked in the 50’s when you were the only shop in town and everyone hung around your store. But times, they have changed. If you don’t market your […]

So, How Do I Manage My Online Reputation?

Many businesses want a way to manage their reputation online, and this is a great idea. However, it is not quite as easy as you might think. You don’t just simply say you are going to do it and it magically happens. It can take time and some effort. This short article will show you […]