So, How Do I Manage My Online Reputation?

Many businesses want a way to manage their reputation online, and this is a great idea.

However, it is not quite as easy as you might think. You don’t just simply say you are going to do it and it magically happens. It can take time and some effort.

This short article will show you some things that you can do to make this a reality for your business, and won’t cost you the price of a full reputation manager in-house.

What about my bad reviews?

One of the first questions people ask is, “What can I do about all of the bad reviews?”

This is a great question to ask, but the answer is not always that easy. The truth is, people will leave bad reviews, that is part of running a business. Not everyone will love every aspect of your product or service, that is just a fact of life.

So, what can you do? Well, first is be careful how you react to the review.

If you start fighting with the review, let’s say on social media, it will likely not end well.

Instead, you may want to look at the criticism and decide if it is something you can change.

For instance, let’s say you are a coffee company that has a customer that hates the fact that you don’t have enough outlets in your store because they want to work while drinking their coffee. You could tell them off and tell them to get their coffee and get out, but that probably won’t go over well.

But what if instead you thought about it, realized that you could change that fairly easily and wanted to increase the number of people that stay (and likely buy more throughout the day) so you respond, you are right, we are looking at ways to change that. You probably just won a customer (and maybe several) for life.

What if a customer is just angry? Do you need to respond at all? You could tell them you are sorry and maybe even request that they call in so that you can make it right. If they don’t call in, that is okay, but at least it shows others that you did reach out to try and fix the problem.

Another option is to just bury all of the bad reviews. It is very hard to get a bad review removed from these sites, but what if you generated so many good reviews, that the few bad ones don’t even matter anymore? We are almost programmed to leave bad reviews. But if you have a system to reward those that leave good reviews, you might get more doing so.

In addition, when others look for your company, they will just see how many good reviews there are and completely disregard all the negative stuff they see.

In addition, if you add different types of 5-star reviews, like video, it is practically game over. The customer will go to the company they feel will serve them best. So, maybe you don’t fight the bad reviews, you just swallow them up with the good so they are practically irrelevant.

If you want to get a free reputation assessment and see how we can help you manage your online reputation for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time reputation manager, contact us today.

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