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Red Link Marketing is not just an SEO company, it is also a reputation marketing company…which comes with the added benefits of giving you SEO help. But why do companies even need SEO? Well, we found a great article by that explains why you would want Local SEO done for your business.


Today, a business website is a very important sales and marketing tool. Studies have shown that majority of consumers head online when they want to buy a product or service. Performing local SEO on your business website can net a large percentage of this market. It can also help to generate revenue for your establishment. To succeed in your enterprise, it is very important to capture the people living and working in your neighborhood or city. Local SEO can help you accomplish this. Here is more about it and the importance of this process.

What is Local SEO?

This is a set of strategies applied online which are designed to appeal to people who live and work in a specific area. The core of local SEO is geo-location and mapping by search engines. By telling them where your enterprise is located, the search engines will include your business website in the search results of people who are in your vicinity. Here is why you should perform local SEO for your business.

Local searches are highly numerous

According to statistics, local searches make up 46% of all searches performed in the biggest search engine in the Internet, Google. As such, it is important to apply local SEO and ensure that your business shows up whenever consumers in your area perform a search.


High rate of conversion

Statistics show that 78% of all local searches end up in a sale. As such, performing local SEO ensures that you get a high rate of conversion. People feel more comfortable shopping in an area that they are familiar with. Therefore, you can use local SEO to attract them to your business and enjoy a high chance of making revenue.


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